Services, Skills and Experience



  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Vineyard planning
  • Vineyard establishment – design, materials, vines
  • Budget development or review and financial benchmarking for new and existing projects
  • Independent evaluation of vineyard proposals, developments and vineyard management.
  • Due diligence assessments prior to purchase or merger.
  • Expert opinion for legal work.
  • Ongoing technical and practical advice for the management of vineyards
  • Vine health
  • Disease management
  • Spray programmes
  • Pruning recommendations
  • Fruit uniformity and fruit quality issues
  • Yield predictions and yield management
  • Sustainable management practices
  • Grower and vineyard manager workshops, facilitating change, creating ownership and uptake of new ideas

Skills and Experience

  • Extensive commercial experience and understanding of the ‘business’ of grapes and wine
  • A technical knowledge and expertise that is at the leading edge internationally
  • Communication skills and style that allow fluid information flow from growers to winemakers, through marketing to accountants and financial project managers
  • Extensive knowledge of and well known with key suppliers, service providers and major players into the grape and wine industry so able to connect clients with appropriate resources and people
  • Extensive knowledge of all major grape growing areas and practices allowing effective benchmarking and assessment
  • Versatility – David is equally at home in the vineyard with his head at vine level, attached to a tasting glass, doing a presentation or dissecting a budget round the board table