Who We Work With


Dr David Jordan is the Principal Consultant for Vine to Wine to Market and is highly regarded for his knowledge and experience in  wine and viticultural businesses

David established Vine to Wine to Market in 1994 and has built up an impressive base of clients in all the key regions of the New Zealand and Australian wine industry.

David can add considerable value to your project if you are:

  • A winemaker of general manager of a winery producing premium and ultra premium wines
  • A company viticulturist, vineyard manager or grape grower
  • A new investor in the grape and wine industry either as an individual or a project manager for a corporate organisation
  • A Board of Directors and other governance positions that require independent expert input
  • A bank or financing organisation that requires expert assessments for public or privately funded operations
  • A company that requires and highly credible expert witness for legal and insurance proceedings
  • A supplier into the grape and wine industry